4 Great Parenting Reads!

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4 Great Parenting Reads! in Naperville
4 Great Parenting Reads! in Naperville
4 Great Parenting Reads! in Naperville
4 Great Parenting Reads! in Naperville

Clinical psychologist William Pollack believes that, due to harmful myths regarding manhood in American society, boys are dangerously shortchanged when it comes to learning about the healthy expression of emotions and feelings. Though often untrue, influential stereotypes, such as "the rascal and the scamp" in childhood, and the supposed teen fixation "with himself, sports, cars, sex, and...being cool" can destroy a boy's sense of personhood and alter his relationships negatively. Written in three parts, "Real Boys," "Connecting to Boys," and "When the Bough Breaks," Pollack examines the true world of boys from infancy through adolescence. Based on decades of research conducted at the Center for Men at Harvard Medical School, the book covers the fictions vs. reality about boyhood, ways parents can foster emotional health, and the often sad outcomes when boys remain trapped in the "gender straightjacket."

RAISING CONFIDENT BOYS (100 Tips for Parents and Teachers) NEW $13/4
A British parenting educator offers advice on raising confident boys

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right by Tim Kimmel and Time Kimmel...$11/$3 NEW
Every parent hopes their kids will turn out right. They pray that when their children leave the nest, they will be ready to face the world. And they hope that their kids will be equipped to stand strong in life's battles.
There are no shortcuts to successful parenting . . . no secret formulas to raising kids of strength and character. However, there are steps you can take to prepare your children for the challenges ahead. But you'll need an effective game plan.
With warmth and conviction, Tim Kimmel outlines a strategy for positive parenting--a plan that gives you reachable goals, while allowing for your personal parenting style. You have only a few short years with your child...make the most of the time you have

Parents Magazine's "It Worked for Me"
New! Pristine Condition! More than 2500 essential tips, good investment!
From thumb sucking to schoolyard fights, parents reveal their secrets to solving the everyday problems of raising kids. $4 NEW

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