Hardcover Books Bios & China

$2 each (most) by TopHat323 in Bolingbrook, Jul 19
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Hardcover Books Bios & China in Naperville
Hardcover Books Bios & China in Naperville
Hardcover Books Bios & China in Naperville
Hardcover Books Bios & China in Naperville

Broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw wrote in his 1998 book The Greatest Generation, "it is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced."He argued that these men and women fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the right thing to do. When they came back they rebuilt America into a superpower." The book was a great popular success. Great Condition! $2

The Road Ahead is a book written by Bill Gates, co-founder and then-CEO of the Microsoft software company, together with Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold and journalist Peter Rinearson. Published in November 1995, The Road Ahead summarized the implications of the personal computing revolution and described a future profoundly changed by the arrival of a global information superhighway. Great Condition $2

The Life of The Desert...1966 Explains the balance of animals and plants and how they survive in the the forbidding enviroment of America's deserts. Very Good Condition $3

Let's Travel in China/Diana Geis 1962 Good Condition $5 (goes for $50 on Amazon)

The Horizon History of China/Horizon Magazine Good Condition $3

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